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Kobebe - Art Vintage Kimono for Decoration

What is “Kobebe” ?

“Kobebe” is artwork made from vintage kimonos and dressed in the traditional manner.

The vintage kimonos are scaled down to 1/4 size, for the models of 60cm / 23inch.



The name of “Kobebe” is derived from the words ‘ko’ which refers to vintage or small-sized, and 'bebe' which refers to kimono. Kobebe is suitable for display and act as a centerpiece at the office, hotel, Japanese cuisine restaurant, event hall, or in your home.




Collections of Kobebe

This is a collection of subtle colors and designs that when combined create a chic and sophisticated look.


This is a collection of seasonal and more vibrant colors. 


Displayed to fit the season and a mood of the space.

This is a Maiko style collection.


Antique cute colors, ‘darari’ or loose obi, and hemmed sleeves and shoulders are catachrestic of Maiko. 

This is a collection of colors both subtle and bold. Get lost in the design and simple patterns.

This collection shows the long length style in both the hem and arm. A formal appearance that emphasizes the femininity of how the kimono falls onto the figure.

This collection is displayed on a traditional bamboo hanger. This allows the full width, design and colors to be shown to their fullest beauty.

Kobebe Artist



She has been involved in the kimono and dress-making industry for over 40 years, making kimono and teaching young generations how to make and dress kimono.


“Kobebe” is compilation of kimono artisanship of experienced kimono artist - Toshie TANAKA.

Her philosophy is to create scaled versions of kimonos to be displayed in offices and homes around the world. With her long history in the kimono and dress-making industry, her passion to share the beautiful style and history of kimono drives her in the creations she makes.


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